16 Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Summer


  1. Refresh your bedding! Why not try a new duvet cover or some pillow shams for a fresh look and feel. 
  2. Rearrange Furniture! The ultimate no-cost redecorating tip, great way to make your space feel new. 
  3. Use foliage to add some green to your space. Fun vases, banana leaves, palms, or succulents are a great way to update in a low maintenance way. 
  4. Clean. Cleaning walls and scrubbing floors, things get dingy through the winter freshen up with a brand new Mr. Clean Eraser. 
  5. Grab a new sent! Change out your warm winter candles for fresh laundry or citrus tones. 
  6. Paint your walls! Touch ups or a completely new colour. Painting your walls can make your home feel new again.